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The pyramids of Egypt are some of the world's greatest accomplishments .  These massive structures are located just outside the city of Cairo. Many questions have been asked about the origins of these great stone monuments.


  • What is a pyramid and how was it built?
  • What is the Great Sphinx?
  • What is the inside of a pyramid like?
  • Are there any interesting or differing theories about who built the pyramids?  What is your opinion?


Keep these questions in mind as you travel through the following sites and learn more about the Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.

Watch the live feed on the Egyptian pyramids.


Learn about the Saqqara step pyramid and the famous pyramids of Giza here.  Be sure to watch the videos!


Click on the words angle, base, block, height, and passageway to learn more about the features and enormous size of the pyramids.  Do you like math and building things?  This site also has instructions for making a scale model of a pyramid.


Explore the inside of a pyramid! Once you're inside the pyramid, move your mouse to look around the room.  There are several rooms and passageways to explore.


View amazing pictures and read about the Sphinx here.  You can even decide which ruler's face served as a model for the Sphinx.


Nobody really knows how the pyramids were built, but you can read some of the theories here.  Aliens...hmmm.


Listen to CBC's Quirks and Quarks interview with Dr. Barsoum, a professor of Materials Science and Engineering, who thinks the pyramids, or at least part of them, were made of concrete.


Your pharaoh has just commanded you to build a pyramid.  Do you know where to build it, how to select your building materials, how to choose your workers, and what to feed them?  Can you navigate the waters of the Nile in time to reach the building site?  Take the BBC's pyramid challenge.


Your Tasks:


Task #1:


  • You are to build a paper model of a pyramid to scale.
  • Use the information at this site in order to get the proper dimensions.
  • You will need to do some conversions to get dimensions with which you can work.
  • Draw your model on the paper provided.
  • Before you cut out the structure add colour and design to the outside.
  • Cut out the finished product and assemble it.
  • Please put your name underneath your pyramid.


Task #2:


  • Using the information from this site, do a diagram showing the inside of a pyramid.
  • Title your page and include your name.
  • Use as much of the paper as possible to complete your diagram.
  • Be sure to use a ruler, where appropriate, for drawing straight lines.
  • All lettering is to be printed using blue pen.
  • You may add colour to your diagram if you wish.






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